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Unleash Your Child's Mental Potential: Mindo Launches Free Abacus Classes

Date- 15th Aug 2023

Celebrate India's 76th Independence Day with Mindo's exciting news! We're thrilled to introduce an innovative educational initiative that will empower children nationwide. Our mission is to build a strong foundation in mathematics while nurturing overall development.

What's New? We're launching a Free Online Abacus Course designed for kids aged 5 to 13. Starting from September 16, 2023, this program will transform how children approach math. By improving cognitive skills, mental agility, and self-confidence, our Abacus Mental Math course paves the way for a brighter future.

Why Join? Our free Abacus classes, starting registration on Independence Day 2023, have a noble purpose. We're investing in our children's future by equipping them with vital mental math skills. Our goal is to inspire kids to embrace abacus mental math and overcome math anxiety.

Let’s help children achieve a brighter future!

Help needy children and parents by sharing this opportunity with them. Together, let's make math an exciting world for our children.

Here are excerpts from a discussion with Shahzeen Fatima, founder and CEO of Mindo Abacus about this initiative;

Ques: Can you tell us more about the offerings in the free Abacus course?

Ans: Certainly! Our free Abacus course is designed to be comprehensive and engaging. It consists of all 8 levels of Abacus learning that students will complete over a span of 2 years. The course is delivered in a recorded class format, where children will attend one 1-hour recorded class each week. To reinforce their learning, students will have daily homework assignments available on our platform. This approach ensures a well-rounded understanding of Abacus Mental Math.

Ques: What inspired you to launch the Free Abacus classes?

Ans: There were several driving factors behind this initiative. First and foremost, we noticed that many students experience fear and anxiety when it comes to mathematics, which hampers their enjoyment of learning. Moreover, the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have negatively impacted students' studies, particularly in subjects like math. Lastly, in many cases, post-pandemic financial constraints have made it difficult for parents to provide quality education opportunities. By launching this initiative, we aim to address these issues and help students and parents continue to access quality math education.

Ques: What can a student expect to gain upon completing the course?

Ans: Completing our Abacus course offers multiple benefits. First and foremost, students will gain expertise in mental math skills, boosting their confidence and efficiency in solving mathematical problems. Additionally, the course enhances cognitive abilities and mental agility, skills that are invaluable not only in math but also in various aspects of life. Overall, students completing the course will experience improved problem-solving abilities, increased self-assurance, and a more positive attitude towards mathematics along with an improvement in overall academic performance.

Ques: Is the recorded class format effective for children's learning?

Ans: Yes, the recorded class format has proven to be effective in delivering the course content. Since the COVID pandemic, children have become more accustomed to online learning and recorded classes provide flexibility to review and learn at your own pace.

However, we do offer paid courses for students who prefer live classes or need additional support. We provide a paid course with a live revision class of the recorded content in a group setting at a very nominal cost of Rs 500 per month. Apart from it, we also provide a premium one-on-one live course.

Additionally, in paid courses, students will have access to our Game-based Abacus Learning App, allowing parents to monitor progress through reports. Upon course completion, students will also receive level-wise certificates, recognizing their achievement.

Ques: How many seats are available in the free Abacus course, and what are the intake capabilities?

Ans: As we live in a vast country with a significant demand for quality education, we recognize the need to accommodate as many students as possible. Initially, we are launching 500 seats for the free Abacus course. Our aim is to cater to the huge demand while considering our resource limitations as a free social initiative. We are committed to expanding our intake capacity as quickly as possible, driven by the aspiration to support as many young learners as we can.

Ques: Who is eligible to take admission in the free Abacus course?

Ans: The free Abacus course is open to all students aged 5 to 13 years, regardless of their current math proficiency, grade level, school affiliation, or financial circumstances. We believe in providing equal learning opportunities to every child, fostering a love for math, and nurturing their cognitive abilities. This initiative is about inclusivity and ensuring that every young mind has access to quality education, irrespective of their background.

Ques: Can schools enroll/ refer their students or collaborate officially with Mindo for this initiative?

Ans: Absolutely! We are excited to collaborate with schools. Our goal is to extend the benefits of this initiative to a wider audience. Schools can enroll their students in our free Abacus course, enabling them to offer valuable mental math skills to their students. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission to make quality education accessible to all, contributing to a brighter future for the nation's youth.

Join Us in Making a Difference- This initiative is more than just learning math. It's a social cause that aims to empower children across the nation. By offering essential mental math skills for free, we're removing barriers and fostering a love for learning. Let's come together to celebrate Independence Day by giving the gift of education and self-confidence to young minds.

About Mindo: Mindo is a leading educational platform dedicated to empowering students with innovative learning experiences. With a focus on holistic development and fostering a strong foundation in mathematics, Mindo is committed to shaping the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers.

For general/ admissions/ media inquiries, contact us at or +91-6387401254



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