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All About

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Unlock Your Child's Full Potential

At Mindo, we firmly believe that Abacus learning offers a host of advantages that go beyond basic arithmetic. Our structured and engaging  Abacus curriculum is tailored to cater to children aged 5 to 13 years, regardless of their proficiency level.


Few compelling reasons for parents to embrace the power of Abacus for their children:


  •  Enhanced Cognitive Development: Abacus learning is not just about numbers; it's a comprehensive brain development exercise that sharpens memory, improves focus, and enhances overall cognitive abilities.

  • Mental Math Proficiency: Our online Abacus classes equip children with exceptional mental math skills. They learn to perform complex calculations mentally and accurately, making them swift problem solvers in real-life situations.


  • Confidence and Self-Esteem: As children master Abacus Math techniques and witness their progress, their confidence soars. The sense of achievement gained from conquering mental math challenges empowers them to excel in other areas of education and life.


  • Strong Foundation for Future Success: Abacus learning builds a solid foundation for advanced mathematical concepts. The understanding of place value, number relationships, and arithmetic operations lays the groundwork for success in subjects like algebra, calculus, and beyond. Most competitive exam requires an excellent command over mathematical calculations.


  • Academic Excellence: Abacus-trained children develop adaptable minds that can navigate various academic subjects and real-world scenarios with ease. They perform better in other academic and school subjets.

For 5 to 15 years old

Abacus for Life

kid with aerospace costume showing benefits of learning abacus
kid in astronaut costume showing abacus classes are beneficial for kids
kid learning and applying robotics concepts from laptop and  suggesting that learning Abacus  is helpful in making future in robotics as it increases analytical skills
a child in engineer outfit showing abacus helps in improving math which is essential of engineering career
kid holding craft work in hands suggesting that learning abcus is good for arts students as it inproves concentration skills
kid in professional look showing learning abacus is a good choice for future profession
kid doing research work suggesting that Abacus is beneficial for call future career choices
child in doctor costume showing learning abacus is helpful for choosing medical career too as it improves memory.

Empower your child with Abacus to excel in any future career, as it cultivates sharp minds and fosters problem-solving abilities essential in every profession.

Why to Join Abacus classes?


Become 6 times faster in math


Master the art of calculation


Enhance Memory and Concentration


Improve Overall Academic Performance

For 5 to 15 years old

Why to Join Mindo's Online Abacus Classes?

One -on-One Classes

Flexible Class Schedule

Certified  Teachers

Doubt Sessions

Highly Interactive Classes

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Book a Free Trial Class

  • Free

    Mindo Abacus Trial

    Experience the best Abacus Mental Math class
    Valid for 7 days
    • Upto 45 Minutes Trial Class
    • Learn About Basics of Abacus
    • Check How Your Child Responds to It
    • Discuss Your Queries with Teacher
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