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Know All About Online Abacus Classes

An image with a child holding Abacus tool and saying Know All about Online Abacus Classes

What is Abacus?

The Abacus is an ancient counting tool that has been used for centuries to perform calculations.

Abacus enables users to perform arithmetic calculations- addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, fraction calculations with remarkable speed and accuracy. Beyond its computational prowess, the Abacus also enhances mental math skills, concentration, and logical thinking. It provides a hands-on and visual approach to arithmetic, making it an effective tool for developing strong numerical fluency and boosting overall mathematical abilities.

Know the Abacus Tool

The Abacus is designed as a rectangular frame with multiple vertical rods or wires. Each rod carry a numerical value like ones, tens, hundreds, etc. Beads are placed on these rods, and their position denotes specific numeric values. By moving the beads along the rods, users can perform arithmetic calculations using a visual and tactile approach, fostering mental math skills and numerical fluency.

An image of virtual/ online abacus tool

Picture of an Abacus Tool

Benefits of learning Abacus through Online Abacus Classes

1. Improving Mental Math skills and calculation speed:

Learning the Abacus improves mental math skills and calculation speed, allowing individuals to perform rapid and accurate arithmetic operations mentally, without relying on external aids. Regular practice fosters confidence and efficiency in handling mathematical tasks.

2. Improving concentration, focus, and memory:

Learning the Abacus enhances concentration, focus, and memory. Regular practice of Abacus tool requires sustained attention, leading to improved concentration. The visual and tactile nature of the Abacus aids in boosting memory retention and overall cognitive abilities.

3. Building a strong foundation for advanced mathematical concepts:

Learning the Abacus lays the groundwork for advanced math. It helps students understand place value and arithmetic, making complex math concepts like Algebra, Calculus etc. easier to grasp later on. The Abacus builds confidence in handling advanced mathematical skills.

Relevance of the Abacus in the modern world

Although Abacus has its origin to ancient times, still in today's rapidly evolving world, the Abacus continues to hold significant relevance and offers numerous advantages to learners of all ages;

1. Mental Math Proficiency:

In today's fast-paced world, mental math skills are highly valuable. The Abacus fosters quick mental calculations, which can be beneficial in various emerging careers that require on-the-spot problem-solving and data analysis.

2. Success in Competitive Exams:

Many Indian competitive exams, such as engineering, banking, and government job entrance tests, involve mathematical aptitude sections. Abacus-trained students tend to excel in these exams due to their enhanced numerical fluency and calculation speed.

3. Adaptability to Technology:

Although technology is prevalent, a strong foundation in mental math is essential. Abacus-trained individuals can adapt more effectively to various technological tools and applications

in their careers.

4. STEM Careers:

Abacus-trained students have an edge in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields, where precise calculations play a crucial role.

5. Entrepreneurial Advantage:

In an entrepreneurial world, strong mental math skills enable quick decision-making and financial calculations, which are vital for business success.

How to Learn Abacus?

Different individuals may suggest many different ways to learn Abacus Maths like via books, self-practice or joining an Abacus training center.

Abacus has many rules of doing calculations and learning these rules effectively is not an easy task. It needs a good understanding and sufficient practice of the rules before one become expert in it.

Taking help of an Abacus expert or an Abacus training center is the best way to learn Abacus as a child will need a lot of understanding of concepts before doing practice. A private Abacus math tutor or joining an Abacus training center will provide sufficient support to child to keep them motivated to finish the course.

Time required to learn Abacus via online Abacus classes

Learning Abacus Math has two components, i) Learning the concepts, ii) Doing sufficient practice to understand the concepts.

The learning time also depends on student age, aptitude and dedication. Generally it takes approximately 2 years to master it.

Why should I join Mindo's online Abacus classes for my kids?

Mindo provides One-to-One Online Abacus Classes to kids in the between 5 to 13 years. Mindo's online Abacus Math classes give a lot of benefits to the kids;

1. Private one-to-one Abacus classes:

Mindo's Online Abacus Classes are delivered only in one-to-one format, so teacher can give their 100% attention to your child which results in better understanding of concepts and no chances of learning the concepts in wrong way.

2. Flexibility of Class Timing:

As Mindo's Online Abacus Classes are online and one-to-one, it offers a lot of flexibility in terms of class timing and rescheduling for any reason. You can opt for a class timing as per your child's schedule and if they miss the class easy rescheduling is possible.

3. Online Game-based Abacus Learning App: Mindo uses its proprietary Game-based Abacus Learning App for teaching its students. The app can be accessed on Desktop/Laptop computers as well as on Tablet and phone devices too. It provides flexibility of learning and doing homework even when children are on the move.

4. Certified Abacus Teachers:

All of our Abacus teachers are well trained on Abacus concepts and student behavior given classes to them. Every teacher is certified by Mindo's Teacher's Training Program, and they are given frequent behavioral training too.

5. Interactive Classes: Mindo Online Abacus Classes are highly interactive which results in better connect between student and teacher which encourages confidence building and openness to ask questions.

If you are searching for Abacus classes in Bangalore / Abacus classes in Hyderabad or Abacus classes in Chennai, or any other part of the country your children can join our Online Abacus Classes.


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